Help & Support


What is Indian Imprints?

This is a premium video service that gives you access to a wide variety of video content about India in a highly optimized and world class user experience all in one place.

What type of content does it showcase?

Indian Imprints showcases a wide variety of content from Music, Dance, Chants, Discourses, Story-telling, Interviews with Celebs, Documentaries, Fiction serials and more. Many of these programs have been recognized for their production value, content value, artistic performance and won several national and international awards.

How can I watch the streaming of any video?

You can watch a video using just a regular web browser. Just search for your favorite shows or browse through our catalog. Pick the content you want to watch and start playing it. It is that simple!

What are the requirements in order to watch any movie / TV show?

You will require an internet connection with high speed. will automatically adjust itself to your available internet speed. However, for a greater streaming experience, it is recommended to have a stable network connection with a consistent speed of over 2 mbps. Your computer also should have a sound card and should be able to play back audio. While a graphic card is not mandatory, having a video graphics card can enhance the smoothness of video playback.

Do I need to be a member to benefit from Indian Imprints?

Yes. You need register on Indian Imprints to watch the content we display. Without registration, you can browse the website but to playback any content, you will be required to sign-in. Once you have registered, you can watch any program for a specified period depending on the subscription package you choose.

Which browser do you support?

The website is designed to be compatible with all popular browsers. However, we recommend the latest versions of Goggle Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Microsoft Internet Explorer.


I forgot my password? How can I recover it?

Just click on "Forgot password link". You will then be requested to enter your email id (the one you had signed up for the first time) and we will send your new password via email.

How often do you update your contents?

Indian Imprints updates its content with new programs on a regular basis. You can find latest additions by sorting any list of programs by recent.

What if my question isn't in your list of questions?

Mail us your query on and our team will get you an answer. Please explain your problem with possible steps to reproduce your error/issue. You can also send us a screenshot or more details about your entertainment to help us to resolve your error faster.

How do I send a feedback?

We welcome your complaints, queries, suggestions, feedback, compliments, wishes or anything you would like to tell the Indian Imprints team, you can just drop an email to